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Chuck Berry - The Great Twenty-Eight (5LP)

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LP 1
1 Maybellene (Side A)
2 Thirty Days (To Come Back Home) (Side A)
3 You Can't Catch Me (Side A)
4 Too Much Monkey Business (Side A)
5 Brown - Eyed Handsome Man (Side A)
6 Roll Over Beethoven (Side A)
7 Havana Moon (Side A)
8 School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) (Side B)
9 Rock And Roll Music (Side B)
10 Oh Baby Doll (Side B)
11 Reelin' And Rockin' (Side B)
12 Sweet Little Sixteen (Side B)
13 Johnny B. Goode (Side B)
14 Around And Around (Side B)

LP 2
1 Carol (Side A)
2 Beautiful Delilah (Side A)
3 Memphis, Tennessee (Side A)
4 Sweet Little Rock And Roller (Side A)
5 Little Queenie (Side A)
6 Almost Grown (Side A)
7 Back In The U.S.A. (Side A)
8 Let It Rock (Side B)
9 Bye Bye Johnny (Side B)
10 I'm Talking About You (Side B)
11 Come On (Side B)
12 Nadine (Is It You?) (Side B)
13 No Particular Place To Go (Side B)
14 I Want To Be Your Driver (Side B)

LP 3
1 Wee Wee Hours (Side A)
2 No Money Down (Side A)
3 Drifting Heart (Side A)
4 La Jaunda (Español) (Side A)
5 Blue Feeling (Side A)
6 Vacation Time (Side A)
7 Joe Joe Gun (Side A)
8 Too Pooped To Pop "Casey" (Side B)
9 Our Little Rendezvous (Side B)
10 You Never Can Tell (Side B)
11 Promised Land (Side B)
12 Little Marie (Side B)
13 Dear Dad (Side B)
14 My Ding - A

LP 4
1 Guitar Boogie (Side A)
2 Let It Rock (Side A)
3 Almost Grown (Side A)
4 Chuck Berry Dialogue 1 (Side A)
5 Too Much Monkey Business* (Side A)
6 Johnny B. Goode (Side A)
7 Introduction / Instrumental (Side A)
8 Sweet Little Sixteen (Side A)
9 Wee Wee Hours (Side B)
10 Chuck Berry Dialogue 2 (Side B)
11 Maybellene (Side B)
12 Medley: Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite/Johnny B. Goode/Let It Rock/School Day (Side B)

LP 5
1 Run Rudolph Run (Side A)
2 Merry Christmas Baby (Side A)
3 Spending Christmas (first time on vinyl) (Side B)
4 Christmas (Side B)

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